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How to identify a excellent micro-letter applet developers?

Mobile Internet era, in order to seize the mobile market business opportunities, enterprises have sought micro-letter Small program development company to develop their own micro-letter applet client. For enterprises to develop micro-letter applet, it is not easy to find a good micro-letter applet developer. How to determine their own micro-letter applet software developers are good?
Micro-Letter Applet developer is what?
What is the micro-letter applet developer? Micro-letter Applet software developers are what we call micro-letter applet developers, micro-letter Applet application developers may be the team, both micro-letter Small program development company, but also may be individuals. If the micro-letter applet development team, that is, a micro-letter applet development company. Generally speaking, mobile micro-letter applet production and development company is currently the mainstream of a micro-letter program maker. Because they have their own micro-letter Small program production team, mobile phone software development strength is relatively good, the degree of user recognition is quite high.
How to identify a excellent micro-letter applet developers?


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